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  • Sean Connery
    The only man who can be forgiven abundant back hair
  • Frank Langella
    Diary of a Mad Housewife, Dracula - the play. Saw it in Boston. That wonderful Edward Gorey Production. It was all black and white and at the end I threw a red rose onto the stage. Yummy and now stately.
  • My brother Alex
    Who can't come back to the US from Canada because "OJ got off". Now that OJ did not get off, maybe he'll consider it.....Then again, socialized medicine is better than our system even imperfect.
  • Russell Crowe
    Until he opens his mouth.
  • Louis Black
    He would be the perfect Presidential candidate for the Angry Party, and I'd be his perfect Vice.
  • Harvey Keitel
    The Piano. Nuff said.

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